The Same (Easter Sunday)

April 7, 2015

This message is from Easter 2015 and is the first in a series we called: The Same.  This message addresses two myths.  Myth1: I'm am different from others because I have problems. Myth2: God is inaccessible to me because of my problems.  Pastor Robin uses scripture, personal stories, and a church-wide survey to debunk these myths.

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Honoring Those Who Have Given It All

May 28, 2014

Pastor Will Krauss teaches our third week of Honorology.  In this episode, we talk about honoring those who have sacrificed their life for others. What a great picture of God's work for us in Jesus Christ! John 15


How the Resurrection Changes Everything

April 22, 2014

This message clearly shows how Jesus changes everything!  There is a redemption story being written for the entire cosmos. This is an incredible story of Hope for all those who repent and believe!  This sermon was preached by Robin Steele on Easter Sunday, 2014. Mark 1:15 and John 11:23-25 are the key texts. Click here for the sermon notes.


The Lamb of the Story

April 14, 2014

Pastor Robin gives a thorough teaching on the importance of 'the Lamb' throughout scripture.  Starting with Genesis 22 and going through the life of Jesus, he talks about the presence of sin, the need to pay for it and how God provides. This podcast is longer than normal because it includes prayer and communion at the end. Get Sermon Notes


Why Have You Forsaken Me?

March 26, 2013

This message was preached on Palm Sunday and talks about the importance of Jesus entering Jerusalem (changing redemption's story forever).  Pastor Robin also examines the cry of Jesus, "My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?"