Discipleship Through Big Life Moments

August 6, 2015

In the episode, Pastor Robin teaches how to disciple one another through major life moments.  In Mark 1:14, Jesus talks about these "Kairos" moments where the Kingdom of God is breaking into our lives.  Our response is to repent and believe.  We encourage to get the full version of the sermon notes at www. pastorrobin.com


Riding for the Brand

June 29, 2015

"Riding for the Brand" in the Old West meant you lived by a code and were faithful to those you rode with. Each brand had a different set of values.  Pastor Will Krauss teaches from scripture about Riding for the Brand of Christ.  


Knowing Yourself Helps You Know God

January 12, 2015

As Christians we are often unaware of our emotional well-being.  We find ourselves denying, ignoring, or suppressing emotions that could possibly be God-given.   In this message, Pastor Robin teaches on the importance of being emotionally mature and that leads to full healing from God.


Quick Start Guide to Christianity

December 15, 2014

We often receive presents that are complicated and difficult to figure out.  They usually come with a manual and quick start guide.  Luke ch. 3 gives us a quick start guide to the Gift of Forgiveness in Jesus. This message describes the 2 most important things to start with in Christianity.


The Art of Focusing and Forgiving

November 10, 2014

Pastor Robin teaches the final part of our series "Won't You Be My Neighbor". This one focuses on the Art of Focusing on people of peace and the Art of Forgiving those who have done you wrong.  Matthew 18. Full Sermon notes available at www.pastorrobin.com


Do You Love Yourself? - Jeremy Foster

November 3, 2014

Jeremy Foster teaches a great message in our "Won't You Be My Neighbor" sermon series.  Before you can love your neighbor 'as you love yourself', you have to love yourself.  In this message you will find the most important ingredient to loving yourself.  Jeremy will have you laughing and crying as you find the Good News of Jesus.


3 Important Steps to Loving Your Neighbor

October 27, 2014

Pastor Robin shares 3 important parts of following Jesus' commandment to "love your neighbor as you love yourself."  You will laugh and learn through this teaching based on Matthew 22 and Luke 5.  Get sermon notes at www.pastorrobin.com


Are You Afraid to Love Your Neighbor?

October 20, 2014

Pastor Robin continues the "Won't You Be My Neighbor" series and deals with the Fear Factor this week.  There are many reasons to be afraid of your neighbor.  Scripture gives us solid reasons to be confident.  This message will encourage you in the God-given role and commandment to love your neighbor as yourself.


Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

October 13, 2014

Pastor Robin kicks off a new series about Jesus' commandment in Matthew 22.  Love your neighbor as yourself. Who is your neighbor?  Do we know our neighbors?  This message will challenge and enlighten you.  It gives you a picture of how you are matching up to this foundational part of Christianity.


PromiseLand Small Group Launch!

September 8, 2014

Hear the stories of leaders in our church as they discuss the impact of Small Groups. All of our groups are launching Sept 2014!