How to Model Mercy and Grace with Your Family

March 3, 2014

Pastor Harry and his wife, Rowena, speak in this week's message about creating a Godly legacy with your family.  This is the final message in the Don't Duck Your Dynasty message series.


How to Fight with your Spouse and WIN

February 24, 2014

Robin and Erica speak in this funny and very real (transparent) message on family conflict.  You will learn some practical, Biblical advice on conflict.  You will also laugh a lot.  Enjoy!  This is part 3 of the Don't Duck Your Dynasty Series.  Click here for the full sermon notes.


Setting Up Guardrails

February 17, 2014

This week Pastor Robin speaks on creating guardrails in your life that keep you focused on the Gospel and looking away from the lies of the enemy. It's a very practical look at how to maintain your relationship with God! Ephesians 5:15, Proverbs 22:3, John 10:10


Why Your Family Identity Matters

February 10, 2014

Pastor Robin teaches from Joshua 24:14, and speaks to the importance of your family's identity.  What kind of legacy will you leave? How will people remember you and your kids?