A Rich and Satisfying Life

August 18, 2014

Pastor Harry Fleming teaches about a Rich and Satisfying life that God intends and expects for his children to lead.  


Are you Courageous?

June 2, 2014

Do you feel courageous? Do you feel the need to be more courageous?  Pastor Harry Fleming preaches from Joshua chapter 1 (and Nacho Libre) about courage.


How Superstition Is Different Than Faith

April 1, 2014

Pastor Harry Fleming teaches part two of the Very Superstitious sermon series.  He speaks on how Christians mistakenly try to remain in a blessed season of life (without trials), and use any sort of man-made ritual in order to maintain it. Let's go back to the Gospel Jesus. It is enough!


How to Model Mercy and Grace with Your Family

March 3, 2014

Pastor Harry and his wife, Rowena, speak in this week's message about creating a Godly legacy with your family.  This is the final message in the Don't Duck Your Dynasty message series.


Jesus is better than Sunday

February 3, 2014

Pastor Harry Fleming teaches about the profound impact Jesus has on our religious habits and priorities.  Jesus' power transcends any benefit we have from following religious protocol.  He came to fulfill religious systems.


The Nativity Experience | Part Three

December 23, 2013

Pastor Harry Fleming finishes our Nativity Story with details on Jesus being presented in the temple.  He includes the importance of the genealogy of the Messiah coming from King David.  This whole series is a great way to immerse yourself in the Christmas Story!