Where Can We Find Jesus on a Regular Basis?

August 25, 2014

Pastor Robin kicks off the series, "Jesus is in a Small Group" and talks about two key truths: 1. You and Jesus are FOUND in a Small Group, and 2. We learn from each other in a Small Group.  New groups launch Sept 7, 2014.  Get sermon notes at www.pastorrobin.com


A Rich and Satisfying Life

August 18, 2014

Pastor Harry Fleming teaches about a Rich and Satisfying life that God intends and expects for his children to lead.  


Are You Complacent?

October 7, 2013

Pastor Robin preaches Nehemiah 13 about keeping Faith in Jesus a priority.  He illustrates how 'works' follow out of our Faith in Jesus Christ.  This sermon brings up the topics of complacency, prayer, church attendance, finances, and obedience.  How do all these topics coincide? 


No Show Sunday

August 20, 2013

See what happens when we asked all our volunteers to NOT serve on Sunday.  Pastor Robin preaches a message from John 2 where Jesus turned the water into wine.  When we offer Jesus our ordinary 'pots and water' He does something supernatural!