How Superstition Has Entered the Church

April 8, 2014

Pastor Robin talks about several ways superstition has crept into modern church culture and how it is stripping away our relationship with Jesus.  He teaches from Ephesians 6 and John 5. Click here for the full sermon notes.


How Superstition Is Different Than Faith

April 1, 2014

Pastor Harry Fleming teaches part two of the Very Superstitious sermon series.  He speaks on how Christians mistakenly try to remain in a blessed season of life (without trials), and use any sort of man-made ritual in order to maintain it. Let's go back to the Gospel Jesus. It is enough!


How Superstition Affects Our Faith

March 24, 2014

Superstition is believing things are good or bad based on no reason or knowledge.  There is a whole lot of superstition in our culture, but how much has crept into Christianity?  Pastor Robin talks about a simple truth. Jesus Christ.