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You Asked For It// W3
Palm Sunday 3.28.21
My Church is kind of a Big Deal //W3
1.3.2021 // Emilio Malacara

1.3.2021 // Emilio Malacara

January 4, 2021

Church is wherever you are! Welcome to our podcast! Don’t forget to like, subscribe and help us get the word out!

Want to visit us in person? Plan ahead.

Service times are 8:30AM / 10:00AM / 11:30AM and we are located at

1650 Lime Kiln Rd. San Marcos TX, 78666.

Children's Ministry is available at 10:00AM and 11:30AM services.

Bilingual & ASL Services - 10:00AM

Visit us at, follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on what's happening here at PromiseLand!

Christmas At PromiseLand // W1
The Book of Acts // Week 9
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Me Series / Week 4

Me Series / Week 4

March 10, 2020

Join us as a we answer some of your questions about relationships.

Look Again

Look Again

January 2, 2020
Plot Twist

Plot Twist

December 2, 2019
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